We have known for some time the aphrodisiac virtues of some foods that nature itself provides us, but inserting them in a meeting of love and sex is something more tantalizing, as the meeting between two people who want to satisfy desires and give mutual pleasure, it cannot be left to chance.

Here the knowledge of the products to use and which I can offer you plays a lot, but also the inventiveness. Fantasy in bed is the enemy of boredom, of routine, so you, the real protagonists, will always have the last word!

In addition to food, Escorte Suceava suggest their possible use, so as to make your imminent implementation easier, which I hope, whether it is with your usual partner or if in an occasional meeting, the important thing is to make the situation stimulating and intriguing, so as to always amaze.

Do not be afraid if you are on a controlled diet, even if you use the products on your bodies you will not gain weight because your body will waste calories in intimate intercourse.

I thought I’d offer you honey to beat the sadness of the first rains and the cold. After creating a comfortable environment with scented candles or relaxing music essential oils, use this fantastic gift that bees give us to spread it on the body of your sexual partner from the back to the buttocks, groin, buttocks up to the penis or vagina, slow touches and loving, up to a massage in the private parts, until you feel your partner enjoy, taste the nectar of so much sweetness, oral intercourse is always very exciting for both, fellatio for the manthere is no more erotic image than seeing your woman introducing the penis into her mouth, in a natural and passionate way not in a mechanical and sterile way, honey spread on the member can make the moment sweeter, massaging the penis to make the erection longer lasting and don’t be afraid to get dirty, the game assumes that you have to take care of cleaning each other. You want to respond with the same coin, your she is just waiting for you to repay your debt. The cunnilingus, where the man caresses the female sex with his mouth, in this case the honey that you have sprinkled there will facilitate the penetration of the tongue and the sucking which is already a source of enjoyment for the woman, certainly the use of a sweet product like honey will satisfy you mutually. We must not forget how honey is a natural antibacterial and antiviral therefore an excellent natural remedy to cushion the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Think about introducing your little feet into erotic games. The feet are extremely erotic parts to see in sexual intercourse. Massage them each other by putting a few drops of honey every now and then and let them kiss, caress and lick, holding the orgasm will be really complicated I assure you, the game of eros that sees you completely naked, with nipples to hold between your fingers and caresses at your penis and vagina alternating tongue games to taste your favorite honey, whether it’s a millefiori, orange blossom or linden, I think it’s an element that can be introduced into the game of sex.

Do not forget you women who suffer from candida, however, it is better to opt for another food, honey being sugary could make it proliferate if inserted into the vagina, as candida being a mushroom prefers sweets and tends to increase.

What could be another possibility? Let’s go to the famous chocolate, cocoa represents one of the classic aphrodisiacs but I wouldn’t put it on the sly because it is recognized as a food that improves performance in bed, it is said that the Venetian Casanova drank a glass of cocoa milk four times a day and he won one of the records for the Latin lover of the period.

You can use chocolatemelted and spread on your partner’s body, try to massage it after closing your eyes, I would put a bandage to cover them and to create a total state of abandonment. You guide the situation, being proactive and sometimes dominant in bed is positive, giving a message of security of knowing how to manage the relationship shows the desire for the other. The sexual charge is a sign of virility and femininity and we must bring these aspects out, without fear or taboo. Being blindfolded to be under the domination of the other, do you want to surprise the other in the dark? After having smeared and massaged, stand your her in front of her and you behind her, kiss her neck and go down to her back, lick the chocolate and intertwine your hands,

It is often thought that these things can only happen in fiction or in films, but this is not the case, creating intriguing situations is really important to give new colors to relationships and sexuality, not to be prejudiced and afraid to propose to our sexual partner what we want and we like, never impose but share our desires. Getting inhibited is useless, sex has no rules, freedom of expression and what makes it alive otherwise it becomes gymnastics for its own sake.

Sometimes devising stimulating situations is therapeutic, sexology itself affirms and recommends it for pathologies such as premature ejaculation, prostatitis, impotence, pain during intercourse for women, inability to reach orgasm.

Games that stimulate our erotic charge, distract us from our anxieties and fears, give us time to fuel up in the foreplay and, most importantly, facilitate communication as a couple, creating intimacy and knowledge and consequently greater harmony as a couple.

A couple who communicate well under the sheets will have less need for explanations in everyday life, there will always be a bond that goes beyond everything.

If we reflect a bit, it doesn’t take much to make the situation new and stimulating without necessarily spending a lot of money to buy who knows what, both the food and some games that we can offer are often found in our homes.

Put grains of one on the other’s body and pass them from one mouth to another with tongue games, put some on the buttocks or in the vagina and create the wait until penetration, always find alternative and unusual ways.

Wine and grapes are a good combination, which can be used in moderation to dissolve inhibitions which must always be applied to the body with grape seed oil, obtained from the seeds of the grapes, particularly emollient and moisturizing, it is easily absorbed and therefore very little dirty.

The characteristics of these foods thus described which it is not necessarily necessary to eat, sometimes it is enough to use them to increase the sexual energy in the couple, stimulate the imagination and let go. Imagination makes sex exciting, complicity in bed is synonymous with good communication, sometimes arguments, misunderstandings, disagreements do not necessarily need a verbal clarification, the physical meeting can do more, find each other. The attraction plays a decisive role, the use of appetizing foods can serve to set the table and feed the cravings you have. At the beginning I said you are the protagonists and this little guide intends to provide you with inputs to reflect and give life to your inventiveness.

Remember that the quality and success of a meeting where the sexual feeling is strong also depends on how much you are willing to invest and let yourself go for full satisfaction! Often what holds us back are the cultural models provided to us by religion, education, society, but too rigid models are not always able to express what we are and want, let us not let ourselves live but let us give “taste” to our existence.